Computer Kiosk and New Reports!

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Author: Kim Switnicki

No more Kiosk and we have new Vacation and OverTime Transactions Reports

Computer Kiosk

The computer kiosk that was outside the Payroll office will no longer be available for employees to use to access their UBW/ERP account. This is due to low use as well as the fact that there are not many employees on campus. You can still access UBW/ERP in the library at the terminals available there as well as any other computer with Internet access or your smartphone.

New Reports

Vacation Transactions

We encourage you to check out the new reports showing your Vacation Transactions that are now listed by Union/Jurisdiction. So if you are a CUPE member, your report is My CUPE Vacation Transactions and if you are a VIUFA member, your report is My VIUFA Vacation Transactions. These reports show you the details of the Vacation days you have taken and what has been accrued in your Vacation bank. For information on how to access your reports go here. For VIUFA members with both Instructional and Non-Instructional positions, the team is tweaking your report so it shows correctly and this is expected to be done by the end of July.

Overtime Transactions

We have a new report called My OT Transactions so you can see details of what you have accrued and what you have taken for your overtime in lieu. For information on how to access your reports go here

If you have any questions about the data on these reports contact your payroll clerk.